Like We Used To

8th Chapter: Memories

- How was there girls? - said Chelsy watching her daughters sitting on the chairs.

- We are invite to a party today. - said the blonde girl laughing.

- You two went there to ask the girls to stop stalking you, and now you are invited to a party? How’s that? - said Harry laughing.

- We are cool like that dad, can we go? - asked Violet with the sweetest voice.

Harry was afraid to let the girls go. He used to be a wild kid when he was that young, and the media never left him alone. Even though the paparazzis could not haunt or even follow the girls anymore, it was still a concern to him. What if the girls could never go to a party like the other girls? They didn’t have the same amount of bodyguards as the boys and Charlotte. They also didn’t have the Davys to protect them as the Middletons protected the others. Of course it also crossed his mind the girls could attend a regular university like his own cousins Beatrice and Eugenie did, but like any other parent, their safety and happiness was in the first place.

- Daddy, are you here? Can we go or not to that party? -asked Violet pushing her father a little and sharing the chair with him.

- I don’t know honey, why don’t you ask mum? She is the boss here. - said Harry squeezing the girl.

- Only here? Dad, mum is the boss all time time. - Said Seraphina and Harry showed his tongue.

- Mummy? - asked Violet.

- Of course you can go. - Chelsy finally said finishing her salad.

- Thanks mummy. - said both girls at the same time.

They stayed a little longer at the restaurant, just chatting and relaxing. Until they decided to go to their rooms so the girls could get ready for the party at night.

- What is going on Harry? - said Chelsy opening the door to their room.

- Nothing, why? - said Harry entering the room and closing the door.  Actually, there was something. He was worried about his girls, just like any parent.

While Harry and Chelsy talked in their room, the oldest twin, Violeta was taking a shower and thinking about everything have happened to her in the last 6 months.

The only thing she could remember of the accident was a huge white light and then, she just could not remember anything. Tears started rolling down her eyes, every single day, at some point, she would feel guilty for his death. Maybe if she haven’t beg him to take her to that party, maybe if they haven’t even dated, he would still be here. Not with her, but with someone who would be very lucky to have him around. The tears kept falling from her deep blue eyes just like the water from the shower. 

- VIVI? ARE YOU THERE? - said her sister knocking on the bathroom’s door

- What you want Seraphina? - said Violet wiping her tears with the towel it was on the box.

- Nothing. It’s just that you have been there for more than a hour, I was worried. - answered Seraphina.

It had always been like that, twin looking after twin. Harry and Chelsy always tried to be very present at the girls lives, but they were not there all the time. And whenever they needed someone, or just wanted someone around, the other was always there.  They had a strong bond that only someone with a twin sibling could ever understand. 

- I’m getting out. Please, pick my red dress and my Louboutin pumps on the closet, please? - asked Violet turning off the showers and hearing her sister complaining.